Let’s Improve Your Baby’s Sleep!

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✓ Talk through your sleep concerns with a compassionate and experienced sleep consultant from our team.

✓ Get a clear plan to improve your baby's sleep

✓ 45-minute private call on Zoom & one follow-up email

✓ Get all your questions answered & a detailed plan on how to help your little one start sleeping better

Our consultations are perfect for newborn to 4 month-olds OR parents who need help with one aspect of sleep (like nap transitions or schedule issues.

If you want to get your baby or toddler to start sleeping through the night, choose one of our programs instead.

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa is our top sleep consultant at BSMS. Let me tell you – she’s a baby & toddler sleep PRO!

She has two children of her own, is an elementary school teacher, has been with BSMS for over 3 years,

and is a former client.

She can help you make a plan to get your child sleeping amazingly. 

I am so grateful.

"Before speaking with Alyssa I got in touch with several other sleep consultants, but we still had some issues.

The consultation was very clear and the tips helped him sleep through the night right after starting the schedule she made for him.

I am so grateful to Alyssa because I was honestly exhausted from waking up multiple times a night wondering what’s wrong."


Different from everything else.

"My private consultation with Alyssa was the most detailed call I’ve ever had.

It was clear, to the point, and so easy to apply.



Super helpful.

"I really enjoyed my video call with Alyssa. I felt very comfortable speaking with her, she listened well and she understood my concerns and gave me good tips.

She also followed up with a detailed email outlining her tips plus a few more, which was super helpful too!"


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What will happen after I sign up?

5-10 minutes after you pay for your private consultation, you will receive an email in your inbox with Alyssa’s calendar where you can book a date & time for your call.

What does the call include?

This consultation includes a private 45 minute Zoom call with Alyssa.

Afterwards, you will get a recording of the call, and an email from her with everything that was discussed, including links, tips or recommendations.

Finally, you get one follow-up email checking in on you and making sure you’re on the right path to getting your little one sleeping better.

What is discussed in the call?

Everything and anything! Whatever you need help with. Of course, the more detail you include, the more we can help.